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Diverse fields of law must be handled with the level of care, expertise, and experience that is relevant to their own respective specifications. As a trusted and experienced lawyer, Brian Callender of CallenderLaw has been providing exceptional legal services, specializing in criminal and correctional law, to countless clients throughout the Kingston, ON community. His criminal law practice includes criminal appeals and defending persons charged with impaired driving, sexual assault, fraud, highway traffic act offenses, drug offenses, etc. His correctional law practice includes representing federal prisoners at parole board hearings and in the federal court. He also assists his federal prisoner clients in ensuring that all their inherent rights flowing from their committal to the penitentiary are protected and enforced.

Areas of Practice

  • Correctional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Highway Traffic Act Law
  • Impaired Driving Law
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Resolve your legal issues with the help of a qualified lawyer. Brian Callender succeeds in resolving cases by way of trial and settlements, which saves you much time, stress, and money. Call (613) 536-5650 to schedule an appointment with a competent lawyer with a focused field of practice and years of experience and who is ready to represent you.

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